Working for Democracy and Tolerance

Hussein Al Deek, a Palestinian political activist with a Master’s degree in Democracy and Human Rights from Birzeit University was the Young President of Palestinian Youth in 2013 and is now Chairman of the Board of Directors of Young Youth President Ramallah – Palestine.

The organization he founded in 2014, Youth President Forum (YFP), is working for change. It focuses on youth development, democracy and human rights issues, promoting youth participation in political, cultural and economic life. The YFP board consists of six women and five men.

The YFP’s events – including workshops, lectures, and seminars – have a measurable impact, said Al Deek. They conduct a survey before and after their seminars, and the answers to the questions are significantly different afterward. “Changed for good, not bad,” noted Al Deek.

YFP has 50 volunteers that work in villages throughout the Palestinian Authority. Al Deek travels all over, giving talks on employment, the election process, women and human rights. “First, you have to teach tolerance,” he emphasized. “Our organization says that we are all human, not you are American or a woman – we are human, this is the main idea.”

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