Human Rights Education

How should children from kindergarten to 12th grade be educated on topics like human rights? On March 7, Ithaca City School Superintendent Luvelle Brown and Chief Academic Officer Liddy Coyle discussed the district’s approach to engaging, educating, and empowering students, at the Ithaca Coalition for Unity and Cooperation’s (ICUCME) Dinner Conversation Series. A community conversation exploring curriculum development and human rights education followed Dr. Brown’s remarks. The free event began at 6:30 pm with a vegetarian pot-luck at TheSpace@Greenstar.

“The transdisciplinary teaching and learning that is expanding in our school district is exciting and producing amazing results for young people,” said Dr. Brown.

“Human rights are of vital importance to Ithacans, and how our children are educated about human rights is of great concern,” said Linda Glaser, chair of ICUCME. “We were happy to hear about the approach in Ithaca’s schools and have the chance to share our thoughts with district administrators.”

Here are two news videos about the event:

Tackling Human Rights in the ICSD

ICSD Talks Human Rights

Also, see this article in the Ithaca Journal:

Ithaca superintendent discusses evolving curriculum




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